THe Plano TOmorrow Plan Identified many areas for future high density multifamily development

What citizens objected to was the suggestion we should love high density development and seek to increase density throughout all parts of town.

A quality, properly conceived mixed-use development like Legacy West is not the problem. The problem is poorly conceived developments that have no special allure and end up just being dense developments, largely made up of multi-family. Plano has several areas that were sold to the public as "wonderful mixed-use developments that will have offices, lots of shopping and restaurants and gathering places but all that was delivered were high density multifamily and may a couple of fast service food joints.

Now that the Comprehensive Plan has been repealed, citizens must see that the new plan reflects their vision. We support a suburban town focused on excellent employment centers excellent schools and strong safe neighborhoods.

Haggard Farm West RE-Zoning

Case to be heard September 20, 2021

See the page "Proposed New High Density" for information on Haggard Farm West.