1.649 multifamily units and 40% of the land left for more

Zoning Case 2020-032

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Haggard Farm West at Windhaven and Parkwood Blvd filed zoning case 2020-032 in December 2020. It has not made it to P&Z yet. If the case were successful, Developers would have the right to build over 1,600 multifamily units on the property, but 40% of the land would remain undeveloped, meaning the developer can (and likely will) file for even more apartments in the future.

Here are the details of the Re-Zoning case (standards)

Here is the latest concept plan in the Re-zoning request. A word of warning the actual re-zoning request would allow far more density than shown in the concept plan. This is a major concern.

PRESTON PARK - Redevelopment of Northeast Corner

High density proposed for for whole center - Preston to Ohio

EDENS Investments owns almost all of the Northeast corner of Park and Preston, all the way to Ohio Dr. In a letter to the Plano Director of Planning and the Comprehensive Plan Review Committee, EDENS expresses it intent to re-develop this area with thousands of high-density apartments. See excerpts of the letter here. Of course, this is only one corner of Park & Preston - will the other three corners also be targeted for high density development? That could easily result in over 10,000 new apartment is this area.

The owner explicitly states that they want to redevelop the Northeast corner of Park and Preston with high density apartments of at least 50 units per acre. The shopping area they own is currently 58.4 acres. At 50 units per acre, they could easily be envisioning 2,000 apartments on their land. Additionally, the whole corner extends to Tulane Dr and includes an additional 64 acres that could be redeveloped. Those 68 acres already include 1,137 apartments but could be redeveloped into more than 3,000 at 50 units per acre (a total of 5,000).

DO wants high density apartments here? THere are already over 2,000 apartments just nort of here